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Unique Recognition Opportunities

With our children’s health and healing in mind, the RJCH building and interiors are being designed with hospital operating room-grade ventilation and specialized rooms as well as an isolation area for any child who becomes ill while at the facility. All materials used in building, including furniture and fixtures, will be thoroughly evaluated and selected based on nontoxic components. To inspire their minds and spirits, bright colors, child-sized furniture, playful toys, sensory development resources and colorful murals will engage our children’s imaginations and encourage interactions.

You have a singular opportunity to leave your lasting mark on our building and the children and families served in our community. By donating the funds necessary to build out unique spaces or providing specific resources, RJCH will offer you a unique and exclusive recognition opportunity for you, your family, or your company. Early donors will have an opportunity to share in the vision of the space.

Each of the unique opportunities listed here will come with "sponsored by" recognition.

1. The OK Corral

An isolation room for children who become contagious or ill, The OK Corral will help keep infections contained and support the safety and healing of all children at RJCH.


2. The Activities Room

The children will come together in a centralized community area to join in music and art therapies, play time and other socialization activities. This room will be very popular and widely used by the children and their families. Donations will include the purchase of music equipment, interactive iPads and appropriate toys.


3. Home Health Room

The Home Health Room, like the OK Corral, has hospital operating room-grade ventilation to support a safe environment. The room is utilized when the child’s assigned home health nurse visits to do the necessary checks on the child’s tubing, port, feeding tubes, etc. The room is equipped with all the items needed to take care of the child. This room provides privacy for the child and the nurse.


4. The Healing Patio

The outdoor patio and play area will provide much needed fresh air and sunlight as well as artistic and creative drawing panes, play equipment, sanitized sand, a bubble machine and other safe, interactive outdoor activities.