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The Building at 2924 Cherry

A building has been purchased in the

Hospital Hill neighborhood at 2924 Cherry, less than five blocks from a world-class, pediatric hospital. Construction has been delayed this spring due to COVID-19. Please see this letter from our Medical Director updating our community, friends and supporters.

No shoes will be allowed indoors—a mobile cubby will store all shoes upon entry to keep germs and dirt out of the facility.

Children who attend RJCH and become ill will be contained in a separate and safe space until they can be picked up.

To support a clean and safe environment, RJCH will have a hospital operating room-grade ventilation system to aid in removing dangerous airborne spores and contaminants.

Who Will Be There?

RJCH will care for 30 children, ages two to eight years old, to help them continue to learn and develop through interaction with other children, volunteers and staff. The age range of children and number of children served will be expanded in the future. Plans for operations are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Paid staff will include an onsite trained and certified child care center director, an experienced pediatric nurse and trained staff as needed per state guidelines. Adult volunteers will range from retired nurses, retired teachers, parents, grandparents and some nursing training programs to facilitate the children’s activities.

Space for extra support services (requested by a parent) for each child will be provided, such as visits from teachers, home health staff, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, nutritionists and psychologists.

School-age children will study assignments from their regular teachers while center volunteers assist. Younger children will participate in typical developmental activities of a day care/preschool setting such as creative play and reading activities. Music, art and play therapies and recreational activities will be offered to all age groups.

Building renderings: Pixel Foundry, LLC