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What is RJ Children’s Haven?

RJ Children’s Haven (RJCH), an Immune Recovery Child Care Center, supports the body, mind and spirit healing of children with cancer and life-threatening conditions. The first of its kind in the nation, RJCH offers a safe environment for child care, therapies, socialization, education, and support for children who are immunocompromised and their families.

RJCH is inspired by Rachel and Jason. Rachel is a young woman who was treated for pediatric cancer and survived. Jason was a passionate nurse who used his gifts to heal children with cancer but lost his life too soon. Across this nation, children who are immunocompromised are grouped together and attend hematology/oncology clinics every day. RJCH will mirror this model for success and employ the same care standards.

RJCH, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is led by an Executive Board including two nurses, and a healthcare administrator and organizational leadership expert. The Executive and Advisory Boards are comprised of professionals with decades of experience treating children with life-threatening health conditions. This includes nurse practitioners, pediatric specialist physicians, parents, licensed social workers, Blue Valley school teachers, music and play therapists, and business leaders.